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Su Fang
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Shuofang: Fragments about June 4th All the resistance in the world is never because of seeing hope, but because of experiencing despair. The power of all rebels never comes from seeing the dawn, but from feeling to fall. (Fotolia) Articles by Shuo Fang July 18, 2020 All the resistance in the world is never because of seeing hope, but because of experiencing despair. The power of all rebels never comes from seeing the dawn, but from feeling to fall. Article 1: The shock of train 364 on the Shanghai-Hangzhou line On June 26, 2020, seeing the ranks of Chinese military vehicles entering Hong Kong for defense, I couldn't help but think of the thrilling days 31 years ago. Among my colleagues, there are not a few people who have immigrated from Hong Kong or speak Cantonese. They are not surprised at all in the face of the turbulent waves on the banks of the Xiangjiang River. On the contrary, I, an irrelevant Beijinger, is indignant day and night! According to psychological analysis, it is not yet out of traumatic stress disorder. In his life, 31 years have not been short, never mentioned but never forgotten, showing the depth of trauma and the horror of future troubles. It was also in late June that CCTV broadcasted a report on the noon news: a train bound for Shanghai exploded in a carriage. The heart immediately picked up: Will he also be in this car? I want to go with him, even if he is desperate; he said, the only thing you have to do now is to be a good childcare device. Indeed, my pregnancy has made me move inconvenience, and my goals are also significant. Parting in a hurry, it is too late to devise a more detailed contact information, in order to avoid revealing the whereabouts, we said that there is no news. At that time, it was only clear that the route away from Beijing was heading south, because it was predicted that coastal cities would be more open than inland cities, and it would be easier for people to understand the truth; the flow of people was also large, and it would be difficult for foreigners to attract attention. This is part of the fact. Zhou Fengsuo, a fourth-year student in the physics department of Tsinghua University and a member of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Federation of High Schools, ranked fifth on the list of 21 wanted people, was arrested at his home in the northwest region because his sister was deceived and used by the government. Of course, this is also a partial misjudgment-my colleague from Wenzhou was born in that era, and now I am completely confused when it comes to June 4th. Naturally, the school will not teach it, and my elders and relatives have never mentioned it. If you didn't come to New York, you wouldn't know it in your entire life, that there is still such a period of intense and magnificent years in contemporary Chinese history. The accidental train can be found in the Chinese railway accident records: 364 times on the Shanghai-Hangzhou line, which drove from Hangzhou to Shanghai on June 26, 1989; when it was running to Songjiang County, it exploded and the railway was interrupted for 4 hours and 7 minutes; 24 people died, 11 people were seriously injured, 28 people were slightly injured...At that time, all I could know was that there were casualties, and in the scene photo on the screen, there was a man's leather sandal scattered on the ground. At that moment, the blood in the whole body seemed to be solidified-the style and the color were exactly the same as the pair I gave him when I was in school! I immediately thought that his eldest brother was in Fudan, Shanghai, and his cousins ​​and sisters all lived in Hangzhou. Instead of crying out loud, it slowed the breakdown, but the choking in my throat forced me to knock my chest with a fist to let my breath flow. Unexpectedly, he raised his head again and opened his eyes, as if he was dreaming, he actually walked in the door and stood in front of me, with those black leather sandals criss-crossed on his feet! There is an idiom saying that joy comes from the sky, which is probably to describe this kind of turning of the gods. I didn't even care about how horrible this Longtan Tiger Den in Beijing was, so I broke my tears into a smile. The father said nothing, and sighed; my mother continued to persuade me that I shouldn’t be so confused because people are not standing here...that day, it should be his birthday. After all, I ate, and when it gets dark, I set off to return to Haidian. The district’s own residence. Along the way, I was heavy in my heart, knowing clearly-that invisible danger is approaching from not far away! Has that kind of unspeakable repression also become the atmosphere that envelopes Hong Kong today? Pian two   how cunning rabbit has three caves On June 30, 2020, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress of China passed the "Hong Kong National Security Law" unanimously. It is reported that on July 1, Lai Zhiying, the founder of Next Media, and Huang Zhifeng, the secretary general of Hong Kong, will be arrested. The rumblings are like the danger I was in 31 years ago. From my parents’ home in Dongcheng District to the China Youth University for Political Sciences on West Third Ring North Road—our home is on campus, and it takes about an hour to ride. When my father came for the first time, he recognized that this was the original Central Youth League School. Although the streets and gates of the school were changed, he burned the boiler here when he was sent to work and under supervision and reform during the Cultural Revolution! This ubiquitous fate is really ridiculous. Opposite the school is the Chinese Theater, which belongs to the Song and Dance Ensemble of the General Political Department of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. It is a large-scale musical and dance epic "Song of the Chinese Revolution" for the 35th anniversary of the National Day. It was built in 1984 and is known as China’s first modern song and dance. The theater is the place where the military organizes art events. The commendation meeting for the June Fourth Ping Violent Rebellion was held here. And because of the blood-stained elegance it was wearing, I never stepped into it until I left Beijing. During the martial law, with the theater as the center, the fully armed soldiers spread out like a radiating north-south, three-step one post, five-step one sentry, and face the pedestrians with guns 24 hours a day. We rode through under this gun, and almost didn't stop when we entered the school gate, worrying that there would be people from the security department on duty in the communication room. Even so, there is no guarantee that it is safe. Besides, the people in the school circle like Yuan Zhiming, Chen Xuanliang, Wang Runsheng, etc. who have been watched have already had their own things, and their lack of power increases the sense of insecurity. You can only stay here for one night, no more than two nights at most, so as soon as you get home and take a rest, you start to plan your way and prepare your bags again. At this time, more than 20 days had passed since June 4, and the horror had calmed down a lot, but he was still nervous involuntarily. Immediately before going on the road, I could not restrain myself from going to the toilet, and my anxiety reflected on my stomach. The soldiers had to be divided into two groups and agreed that he would go to Wanshou Temple and wait for me first. This temple was built during the Wanli period and was a royal Buddhist temple in the Ming and Qing dynasties. Both Ming Shenzong and Shunzhi Emperor Zeng Bangshu Temple. The sun has set, and the road in front of the temple is quiet and quiet, but what made me sweat is that he did not appear in the prescribed place! He suppressed the panic and went back the same way, and then searched and patrolled all the way again, making sure that he was not seen. You can't go back and forth anymore, otherwise people who don't pay attention will be suspicious. I had no choice but to move forward through the Zizhuyuan to Baishiqiao, trying to identify in the dimming light, but I couldn't find the familiar figure. Waiting is not a solution. All the way east, he was not there when he arrived at his natal house. I began to panic to the point of vomiting uncontrollably. I don't know if half an hour or an hour later, he finally arrived. I was so anxious that he seemed to be furious. The time we spend together is measured in minutes and seconds, so if I am willing to quarrel, I just sigh that the fate is not in harmony. After so many years, it is still unclear to discuss this suspicious case again, but I have inferred a conjecture that is inseparable from one another and has nothing to do with destiny. In fact, we never thought about crossing the border-since there is no sin of death, why bother to flee? Hidden in Tibet is nothing more than avoiding the limelight: the later you "enter", the clearer you will be. Moreover, it is safer to be taken over by the police than to fall into the hands of the martial law troops. It is constantly broadcast on TV that the so-called thugs who have been arrested are treated like livestock, with their tongues, hands and feet strangled with ropes! But the current problem is where to live. My cousin promised to help, but I only had time to relax; her husband opposed it, after all, it was a political risk. A few years later, they divorced, which is said to have become one of the crimes. Like a trapped beast being forced into a dead end, I can’t wait to become a cunning rabbit immediately, if there are three caves! Fortunately, an acquaintance of a female friend helped, so that the desperate situation of being in a poor state was nowhere to be seen. That night, he lived there. No matter if it's your own home or your parents' home, you can't live in it! This was quickly confirmed, and it was the most wise and timely decision. Article three The police and martial law soldiers are here together On the evening of July 14, US President Trump held a press conference at the White House on the last day of the legal deadline, announcing the signing of the unified version of the "Hong Kong Autonomy Act" of the Senate and the House of Representatives to punish the destruction of Hong Kong. Free and autonomous individuals and entities; at the same time, an executive order was issued to stop the United States’ preferential treatment of Hong Kong-Hong Kong is no longer Hong Kong. This is undoubtedly spiritual encouragement and moral support for Hong Kong people who strive for freedom and autonomy and global citizens who sympathize with Hong Kong's anti-China movement. Some friends rejoice: the United States takes action, destroys and saves Hong Kong! But the truly arduous efforts may have only just begun-gangsters will not be bound by the law. After the June 4th massacre, in the face of the unanimous condemnation of the international community, Beijing still acted unscrupulously and suppressed the participants of the democratic movement in a high-profile manner-I am a gangster, who I am afraid of! On the last day of June 31 years ago, they finally came. The weather was very hot, and my heart was awkward, and I was sleeping falsely. Suddenly, I was awakened by the bright light of daylight. Before I understood what was going on, the door of the room was beaten vigorously. My parents and I, as well as his second brother who just came from Nanjing, got up in a hurry. As soon as the door opened, uniformed police officers rushed into the room. I knew I would face this day sooner or later, but I didn't expect it to be at my parents' house. This made me a little worried, and I was afraid that they, especially their mother, would faint like they did when they were ransacked during the Cultural Revolution. After ascertaining our respective identities, the leader showed a red-headed official document. It was a warrant, I thought it would be an arrest warrant. The man held his finger in front of my eyes, allowing me to see each word clearly. What to see? It is nothing more than suspected of premeditating, inciting, planning and manipulating a counter-revolutionary riot that occurred on a certain day, a certain year, and a certain day. If you want to commit a crime, there is nothing wrong with it! I told them that the detainee was not here. "Where?" "Of course at home." "We have been there, but we weren't there before we found your parents." "I have no idea then." Then they sternly "reported": if they conceal their whereabouts and fail to report them, they will also be held legally responsible. The anger in my heart burned away the fear in front of the state apparatus long ago. The butcher who has taken so many young lives of students will not be dealt with by law, but the intellectuals who support and protect students will be held accountable. It is a hell to keep the law like yours! I was trembling with anger, so the words came out sideways: You see, I am so inconvenient to move, it is impossible to help you find someone; if you find him, please tell me... I didn’t expect my mother at this time. Unable to bear it, I interjected: I said, are you arresting people for the Kuomintang or for the Communist Party? My husband is fighting the world for the Communist Party. Are you going to take my son-in-law now? Since my mother was stimulated by the Cultural Revolution, her mind has been clear and sometimes confused, but there is one thing that has not changed. Anything that does not conform to the party constitution she swore to abide by is revisionism and class enemy. I hurriedly persuaded her, fearing that her mental state would return to the Cultural Revolution. The father was expressionless from beginning to end, and he didn't say a word. He had seen the party thoroughly early in the morning. The old lady asked so excitedly that the police did not expect it. Let me sign it, and it ended in a panic. The next day, from the information leaked by the neighborhood committee, it was learned that the hunter operation last night was escorted by martial law troops, and soldiers with guns lined up into the courtyard from the alley. I see! Therefore, the use of high-power lighting makes every blind spot in the courtyard clear. Such a big fight is obviously a fear of revenge for the indomitable Beijingers in the dark night! Pian Three That night when the doorbell was masterfully made I woke up early in the morning on July 29 and saw news about the Hong Kong National Security Agency: Senior Superintendent Li Guihua disclosed that four Hong Kong people had been arrested, and they were suspected of violating the relevant provisions of Hong Kong’s National Security Act on secession; According to the principle of law, a person suspected of violating the National Security Law does not need to prove whether he really incites others to split up as long as he makes a declaration that it constitutes a crime of incitement. I am not a law student, and I don’t know whether this charge is valid, but one thing we know is that as long as the power is still in the hands of the Zhao family, the law must also be surnamed Zhao. This point has been fully realized 31 years ago, even if it is a close relationship with them. Therefore, since the police, with the cooperation of the martial law troops, rushed to my family’s home and arrested someone, I moved back to the West Third Ring Road and did not dare to easily stay overnight to cause trouble for my parents. Fortunately, the magazine office does not need to be in class, and only needs to concentrate on two or five days a week. It was also one day in July, late at night. I slept so well that I was not awakened by the sound of a large number of people running up the sixth floor until the doorbell rang. I panicked suddenly, didn't even care to put on the slippers, and rushed to the hallway barefoot. Halfway through the door opened, people filed in anxiously. Seeing that it was a policeman, I felt relieved—I know that he had left Beijing for the second time; and their headlessness meant that he was still safe. The police didn't believe me. I was the only one living in this big empty house. The kitchen, the bathroom, the balcony; the study, the bedroom, the living room; even the cabinet doors were opened to see, and I didn't see a second person besides me. Among the searchers, there are two people in casual clothes. Seeing that they are familiar, they guess they are from the security department of the academy; if it were not for leading the way, they would never have the opportunity to enter Room 5563. If you look closely, this has become the legendary three rooms and one hall. ! After being disappointed, the police officer in charge turned around and asked me, "Where is your husband?" "I lost contact with him." "If you conceal it without reporting it, you know the consequences." "Do you think he will contact me? The action is so clumsy and so concerned!" "You have to recognize the situation..." If you don’t listen to the latter words, you’ll know: Keep in line with the Party Central Committee and draw a clear line; otherwise, you will end up stubbornly resisting to the end. I nodded earnestly, with a sincere attitude, and thought to myself: They neither spoke maliciously, nor maliciously fiddled with them. I could see that they were business affairs, which was different from the cultural revolution ransacking in my childhood. Justice is in the hearts of the people, and the police also have the conscience of their family and children; even if not, they also know how many ups and downs have been in the history of the Republic. At that time, it is not known who will prove innocence for whom! This raid is said to be from the Wired News: People saw Yuan Zhiming in the college. Is the person calling the police out of love for the party and the country, or because of jealousy? In the eyes of some people, these cultural elites are too proud. They have a degree and a reputation, and they have been assigned a larger house earlier than others! But no matter how sharp-eyed the whistleblower is, there can be no way for anyone to help--although the faraway did return to Beijing quietly, even sneaked back to the campus and home, the good news is that the police rushed to rush. At the same time, he escaped from the snare by one step! So later, the Baguai from the Security Department of the Academy was: Whose wife is powerful, and when he returns to the police, he just chats, and his face is not changing; then his wife's face is pale, and people are trembling... How do they know? This is not because who is more courageous or courageous, but because we also know that we bear the destiny of our relatives on our shoulders, and they are in different situations at that time. At this moment, 31 years later, how anxious should the family members of the four Hong Kong citizens arrested by the Hong Kong National Security Agency and those who are also under the threat of the Hong Kong version of the National Security Law be? But I believe that history is written in everyone's conscience. Article 5 The photo on the wanted order On the last day of the first month of the implementation of the Hong Kong version of the National Security Law, on July 31, the Hong Kong police formally issued a wanted warrant against Luo Guancong, the founder of the "Hong Kong All Wills", and Chen Jiaju, the convener of the "Hong Kong Independence League". Liu Kang, a member of "Student Dynamics", Zheng Wenjie, who was administratively detained by the Mainland, and the president of the "Hong Kong Democracy Committee"